Photographer in Giarre, Catania, Sicily

BLANK is a photo studio in Giarre, near Catania, Sicily.
It's an open space where are made advertising photographs, still life, interior photography, ecommerce, fashion shoots and photo books.

We deal with photo shoots and video services with advertising and photo-journalistic style.
In addition, the staff specializes in wedding and event photography.

Spontaneity and freshness in the realization.
We produce images, whose improvement in the studio follows criteria that do not exacerbate the initial product, in order to obtain an emotional impact that lasts over time.


BLANK creates images designed in total synergy with the advertising message that the company intends to convey by sponsoring a specific product. Visual content is essential to promote a business and enhance its prestige. Those who want to sell their products or services need very high quality images. These, especially in the web and social media era, help us to visualize in advance what we are interested in buying. In fact, without this guarantee, most potential users won’t buy.

Photography for Hotel | B&B | Location
Photography is the first factor that will lead the customer to choose a hotel, a b&b, a holiday home, a specific place rather than another and to conclude his reservation.

Corporate Photography
Photography for companies, portraits, photos of locations, documentation and event reports with the aim of representing the image of the company for branding and promotion purposes.

E-commerce Photography
Photograph of items for the marketplace. We work throughout Italy and abroad, if you are far from our studio, you can send your products to be photographed at our office. 

Still-Life & Food Photography
Photography of objects and food products for packaging, web, catalogs, advertising, social media.

Fashion Photography

Photography to portray and enhance clothing, accessories and other objects related to fashion, both in the studio and on location.


BLANK is a studio specialized in wedding and event reportage. For your special day, we offer you a service made up of authorial pictures and cinematic footage. We believe that the key to making an exciting job is to understand your wishes from the first meeting in our studio, in order to create a unique and tailor-made product. During the day, we finally maintain the utmost discretion, letting the beauty of the moment flow naturally.

The staff is made up of photography and film professionals. We have been dealing with weddings for over 10 years and we continue to develop new methods of shooting and image processing, in order to produce pictures and videos up to date.

Services offered
We work taking care of the smallest details, both during the event and in the studio, making sure that every element is flawless. The techniques we use for post-production do not distort the image, but maintain its naturalness, while maximizing its yield. In addition to the service, the presentation and the high quality of the materials chosen, which come from the best Italian companies, are also fundamental for us.

Destination Wedding
No matter where you take this exciting and important step in your life, we will be there with you to immortalize the magic of your day.

Territorial coverage 
The staff is available to cover events throughout Italy and abroad, agreeing with you the organization of the trip.

For more information you can click on the contact section of this site, call our number, fill out the form or send us an email. We will reply as soon as possible, sending you a free quote.